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Finally got them to tighten
I sure wish the KP's came with a smaller cord. I'm making a cute little hat for my niece and just couldn't keep going on my circs without going down a size on the cord. My Denise circs do have really, really small cords, but they're also the thickest of all the sets I own. So, out came the Hiya Hiya's. The smallest cord I have is 16" and it's even thinner than my KP's. More importantly I FINALLY GOT THEM TO QUIT COMING UNDONE. I used every method I ever came across to tighten them and they still came apart. As I was washing vegetables in the sink this morning I decided to try the thick rubber band that comes on broccoli. I wrapped it around the needle and the join and turned quite hard. I've now been knitting for an hour and they haven't come undone. Normally they've been coming apart almost constantly. I still don't like how short the needles are (about 3"), but they're perfect for doing small rounds. I'll use them for the flowers I'm going to knit for the cap as well as the attached I-cord above and below the lace panel I put just above the rim. Wish I could find an easy horizontal cable, but I'm not very good at cabling and didn't find one anyway.

I've had my KP's come apart once. I own options and the harmony set. I will never, ever own Addi's because (in my opinion) they are waay over priced. I'll just keep sending suggestions to the KP people to make smaller cords.

Now hopefully I can figure out why my digital camera isn't working so I can post pictures of the hat I'm working on as well as the brioche baby afghan I'm almost done with. Yes, I finally got it figured out. I'm just a bit burned out on it at the moment and needed a quick fix. The hat is almost done (except for the finishing touches) and has taken less than 24 hours to do. My own pattern too.
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