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Originally Posted by Ronda View Post
I was all excited when I got my Droid Eris last week. My first thought was that I would never again have to get up off the couch while knitting and run to my computer to look up a video on this site. I found out quickly that that is not the case, though. I still appreciate this site and all you do for us, Sheldon and Amy! Couldn't make it without you!

We hope to have Android (and blackberry) support someday soon. Video and mobile devices have always been tricky. Not all the mobile devices support the same video standards. I think things are headed in the direction where there will be a one size fits all solution and we won't have to do all sorts of wizardry to support all mobile platforms, but that day is probably a year or more off.

I have the site working for Apple mobile devices, which is a big leap forward. I have done some experimenting with Android, but haven't yet hit upon the correct encoding spec. The Android video specs don't seem to as documented as Apple, but I think that will change as I know we are not the only site pushing to get our videos working across the entire mobile landscape. Anyhow, enough geekspeak! When we are Android ready I'll be sure to post another announcement.
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