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For Rose Fairy et al. O.K. my children. I can tell you how to fold a fitted sheet because I got to this planet right after dirt. I've had lots longer to learn than most of you. Actually, I'll side with those who wash them, shake them vigorously and place on the bed. However, if you really want to know - fasten your seat belts, thongs and jock straps. You won't need any logarithms, just enough space, and 2 hands. First, put down your knitting needles (they'll just be in the way). Lay said sheet on a large surface, wrong side up. Choose an end to begin the deed. With each hand pick up a corner on the short end, turning a bit so your hands are in the right side seams. Now gently pick up those corners and insert them into the wrong side seams of the other short end and voilá your work is half done. Fold the excess edge down each side and smooth and carefully fold down into quarters and then across into thirds. You should end up with the pretty right side facing out so your linen closet will be absolutely gorgeous dahling!! Sheesh. If my name were Martha I'd be rich, course I'd have one felony on my record. Oh bother!! Jean
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