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Hi Socksters,
Chris, we're ALL chatty on here. I miss those who aren't posting anymore! It's been fun to get to know y'all on here!

Emily, if we really talked about socks, starting a new KAL would be a good idea. But with so many posts NOT about socks, I say we keep on with this one. That way people can see the number of posts and kinda figure that we're not just a KAL. Too bad about the fabric. HOpe you find a green that goes perfectly with what you have!

Julie, Sounds like you're a good trainer for Pearl! Too bad about your brother. Christine and Emily had some good points about that. Tell him to drink some iced tea or coffee. They're diuretics that make ya have to go!

Christine, you're in my prayers. DO take the non-narcotic pain killers! It will help you deal with the emotions better, too. Being in pain makes your body and mind more tense. You don't need that. And don't push weight loss right now. It will happen as you feel better. One thing at a time, my friend!
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