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Originally Posted by catwitch View Post
I spotted a few moths and my husband found 2 holes in his pants!
I understand that moth balls are toxic so I ordered cedar blocks from
Amazon. With all my stash laying around I feel guilty that I may have caused this problem. Can anyone give me ideas on how to rid my house of moths?
I have an issue with the kitchen-type moths. I spoke with my exterminator, who not only gave the information that newamy gave, but informed me that the larvae tend to come out of the packaging and crawl up into/behind the walls to build their cocoons before hatching. So when he came, it was a little too late for deal with larvae. I'd already thrown out the grains and stuff, but he also gave me a pheremone trap. There are no poisons, but a pheremone that attracts them to the glue trap, where they stick and die.

I was going to check at Wal-mart or Home Depot or somewhere and see if that's something you can buy yourself (should be!) or not...just in case!

Between cleaning out the grains, the traps, and the kids and me running around smacking moths like crazy, the worst seems to be over. I haven't seen any in my stash, but have put most of it in ziplocs now. (I hope that helps)
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