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Originally Posted by RuthieinMaryland View Post
Hi, Sweetie!

Just wanted to let you know that nothing is "without flaw". If you create something and do the best you can, then offer it to your audience with a happy heart. I wouldn't want to watch a movie and have the director cut in with all the things he considers mistakes, would you? I just want to enjoy the movie!
This helped me a LOT! I have a piece, and it's currently on display for a class I'll be teaching in a couple months... I literally ripped ANYTHING and EVERYTHING out that wasn't perfect because I knew it was a store sample. Honestly now that it's been in store for a couple months I KNOW the people who see it would have never ever noticed the slightest mistake. It's really hard for me to put work on display (especially if I'm going to teach how to do it) if it's not perfect, but your movie analogy is great!

Just wanted to say thanks!

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