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My guess is that they are just not asking the right question.

It was like when I worked at the theatre....the question "do these stairs go up?" was asked. It was one of those questions that wanted to make you beat your head against the wall. Clearly the stairs go up...what they wanted to ask was "do these stairs lead to [where I want to go]?"

While it could be simular to the "gay ear" question...I have a feeling it is probably a misasked question.

I don't know...quite frankly I can't figure people out. A piercing is a often doesn't mean anything more than the person who has them, likes piercings. On a tattoo it makes sense...on piercings...not so much...

My tattoo is music notes connected with a vine and a blue rose all around my ankle. I rarely get asked if the music notes are to anything...and they are...the are the music to The Rose. *shrugs*...I don't know!
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