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I am 68 years old. I grew up in the late 40's and 50's. Some women got their ears pierced and wore small hoops. My mother did not get her ears pierced until she was in her 40's. Her father disapproved of that and women who cut their hair. I got my ears pierced in my 30's because dh wanted me to. I actually got the second ear piercing in my 40's so I could wear diamond studs because he wanted me to also. I can remember when I saw the first man with long hair. It was in the late 60's and I worked in a bank. Someone saw him in the Loan Department and we all took turns walking though the Loan Dept to get a look. Just so weird. I am sure he was aware of what we were doing but was very nice about it. lol Times change and people change their idea of what is acceptable. Who knows what our greatgrandchildren will think is cool!!!!
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