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Hi my socksters!

Thank you so much Jan for setting this up

Thank you Christine for getting a hold of me and letting me know how full the other one had gotten been praying for you and Frank

Gina I miss you guys too...Julie is right we only have Verizon around here. I can get on some with the blackberry to take care of spam but looking and posting on the forum takes some work.

Emily hope you are having a good weekend!

Julie I don't think that is in the works...I do think iphone works on KH though.. and you can view the videos now...we need verizon to get the iphone!

Jackie-so glad to see ya

Chris-hope you are doing good

So first I lost my Eee pc and then JD lost his...with his crazy work week though he hasn't had time to really focus on it. He just decided to tear out the hard drive and put windows 7 on first he just tried a hard drive that didn't work ...then he got mine going. Mom got her a Dell notebook but didn't like the size so got her a bigger one, I told her she should return the notebook but she said it was too late she told me she wanted me to have it . I'm hoping I can do pictures on it that way I can blog without having to run downstairs to JD's computer

Life is still crazy here I'm trying to get things wrapped up at the school. Where our president kinda got to busy it has fell on my lap and an another officer's to tie up things. I'm ready for next year to run smoothly and more organized.

We are also crazy with dance right now and I'll be happy when it is over. I got Roo's dress rehearsal schedule this week. The school isn't very close to us and the way her 3 dances hit on the schedule it will leave no time to run home. We will be at the school from like 2-8. Mom will meet me there and take Isaiah to his 4H meeting since he is the host that night. Isaiah is busy with 4-H and getting his project ready...

I think I'm going home after the recital, I need a just sit down and swing while you knit kind of week. Knit what is that?

We are also getting a horse, our own horse, along with Amish Henry's colts. He will bring his this week to our pastures, I can't wait! Our horse will come after it is gilded but that won't be till the next full moon (that way it will heal faster )

It has been rainy here and I'm ready for warm temps and some sun.

Miss you guys

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