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Christine, you're on the way to better physical, emotional and mental health! I'm SO glad you're taking the right steps! Keep it up! Marriages go through ups and downs. It's NORMAL. And getting help through the downs is the smartest thing you can do. It's not the end of the marriage; it's what makes it stronger if you do the work it takes to make it through the tough times. Strength to you, my friend!

Emily, sorry about your uncle. Glad you had a good time with your family, though.

Chris, you make me LOL!

Jackie! How are you?!?

Dustina, SO good to hear from you! Your life sounds crazy right now. We miss you here, but understand. Can you knit at dance rehearsals? How nice that you get your mom's computer! And your own HORSE! WOW! We had a small gelding when I was a kid.

We have exams at school next week, and then my job is done. I'll miss it. The kids have been good (for the most part). I had the best parent-teacher conference yesterday. Two of my students got zeros on an assignment because they were IDENTICAL in every way. Since they were clearly told it was for a grade, that's a no-no. The dad wanted to talk with me, so the assistant principal and I met with him. I was nervous that the dad would be mad and demanding. Nope. He wanted to be sure that his son was not on downward slope in his character and wondered if he had cheated in other ways.
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