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Originally Posted by dustinac View Post
Emily hope you are having a good weekend!

We are also getting a horse, our own horse, along with Amish Henry's colts. He will bring his this week to our pastures, I can't wait! Our horse will come after it is gilded but that won't be till the next full moon (that way it will heal faster )

It has been rainy here and I'm ready for warm temps and some sun.

Miss you guys
Well, I woke up this morning at 6 am to get going to St. Louis. It was foggy like crazy for about an hour and a half, and then I drove out into the sun. In the rearview mirror I could literally see a wall of fog.
It was hot, hot, hot out, but better than rain. Most of the faire was in the shade at least.
I got to say hi to a bunch of my old coworkers, which was great. I stopped at Varietees, a bird specialty store, and spent way too much money on three new perches (a cholla wood perch, a bamboo "manicure perch", and a new applewood perch), a circle rope perch that might either be the start of a playstand or else hopefully work as a shower perch, and a bunch of pieces to make a handful of new toys (With a few feet of cotton rope and a handful of plastic bits, I can make a pile of toys for the cost of just one crappy pre-made toy).
At the ren faire, I bought a "door harp." Picture a very small, four note dulcimer with four wooden balls hanging down, one to hit each note. It goes on a door so that when the door opens or closes, the notes play. The guy who sold it to me said he designed it (oh yeah, it's hand made) because of an ancient belief that chimes at doorways would keep out evil spirits. It needs tuned but it's really lovely (and I got a thinger to tighten or loosen the pins and tune it). The WBS show was good, as always.

As for the horse: So jealous! (though... I'm guessing you mean you're getting him gelded? gilding typically means covering something in a thin layer of metal, whereas gelding is castration.) It's been forever since I've gotten the chance to ride. I can't find a place that is both nearby, and in my budget. I miss the barn that had a work-for-riding deal: I'd go out and spend my morning doing barn chores, usually get fed lunch, and then take a horse out for a ride in the afternoon.
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