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Lion Brand "Watercolors" Blanket
I'm knitting a Lion Brand pattern for a "Watercolors" blankie:

I have started it 3 times, and can't seem to get the stitches to look right. The third and fourth rows that are "K1 with B, *K1 with C, K1 with B, rep from * across" and "K1 with B, *P1 with C, K1 with B, rep from * across"--is that the "broken rib" pattern or is it called something else?

When I try those 2 rows, I don't get stitches as they're shown in the picture of the blanket. I get stitches that, on both the right side and the wrong side of the blanket, just show the strands of the yarns as I switch colors, on top of the actual stitches. I can't really see the stitches at all as they look in the picture.

Between each set of those rows is 2 rows of knitting with Color A, which is the easy part! Rows 7 and 8 are the same pattern, just with the colors reversed (C then B instead of B then C). But I just can't figure out how to knit the blanket so that the stranded parts DON'T appear on the "right" side of the blanket.

Any help would be appreciated.
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