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No, the purl stitches are all on the "wrong" side (even rows) of the blanket (they alternate knit and purl or purl and knit on the even rows--4 and 8). And the "broken rib," if that's what it is, is always going to be separated by the two rows of garter stitch (rows 5 and 6) in Color A (it's an 8-row pattern). So far whenever I try to do rows 3 and 7, which are *all* knit stitches, I see the strands of the different colors on top of the knit stitches, which is not what the picture shows. So there must be something I'm doing wrong in holding the yarn or something. I'll see if I can get the 1st try that I took off the needles (but didn't rip out) out of the trash tomorrow and take a picture, and then put a picture here from the Lion Brand site of how it's supposed to look.
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