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That's a good suggestion, RoseFairy, but I was holding both strands behind the needles when doing the knitting rows. In fact, when I looked up tips on Fair Isle/stranded knitting, several of the tips said if you were using two colors, to hold one color in your right hand (like English method) and one color in your left hand (Continental method)--that's exactly what I was doing. So I still can't figure out why the strands were showing on the front (right) side of the blanket.

I'm going to start over on my lunch hour and see if I can figure this out. I'm thinking what I might do, if I can't get it to work, is just do the two-color (B & C) rows as stockinette stitch, and then the single color (A) row in garter, as the pattern specifies. It's just confusing and aggravating. *sigh*
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