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So yesterday was an exciting day in the world of my family. My grandma called my mom to let her know that she and Grandpa were going to the emergency room because Grandpa's side hurt and he could hardly move, so mom went to drive them since Grandma just had surgery and neither one could drive. Grandma and Grandpa live less than two blocks from the local emergency room, but Grandpa wanted to go to the big hospital in Iowa City. So mom ended up giving in and taking him there. As it turns out, he has a broken rib, probably from weedwhacking at my uncle's farm.

Grandpa's sister called while they were waiting to find that out, and it turns out that she was supposed to go pick up my mom's cousin who owns the resort at the Lake because one of her grandkids is having open-heart surgery tomorrow... but her husband was also in the emergency room, for a kidney stone. He's OK now, and I assume that she is on her way home.

BTW, prayers are requested for Evan, the little boy (he's 3 or 4 I think) who is having heart surgery tomorrow.

In the meantime, my dad went off to the recently deceased uncle's funeral, because the previous day there were some hysterics and fisticuffs at the visitation. Mom arrived in time to beat the funeral procession (we live less than a block from the cemetery) so that she could get showered and make herself presentable for the luncheon after.

And I thought it was exciting that I'm going shoe shopping this afternoon...
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