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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I've got a bunch of flowers blooming. I'll have to take some photos.
Oooo! Can't wait to see them! You always take gorgeous photos, Jan.

Originally Posted by AngelaR View Post
I absolutely love hydrangeas. My soil makes mine pink and they are so vibrant this year.
Nice! I would LOVE to see pink hydrangeas!

Originally Posted by Woodi View Post
My flowers are all still in bud, but it's hot here this week, so I may have some photos for you soon.
Looking forward to it!

Originally Posted by Woodi View Post
I heard that if you put some food coloring in the water, the petals will change color for you. Ever try it?
Exciting! I'll try that next time. Sounds like fun!

Originally Posted by MMario View Post
I've been meaning to take some pictures - I have seedling columbines and so far this year have at least five or six distinct form/colour combinations.
Take lots of pictures!

Originally Posted by BRose View Post
My crepe myrles should be blooming within the next month and maybe then I'll have some pics to contribute.
Can't wait to see them!

Originally Posted by sheldon View Post
I don't know if our hydrangeas are in bloom yet. But our rhododendrons are in full bloom now.
Maybe you can get a family photo out there. (or at least just Erin)

Originally Posted by cheley View Post
All of the "smaller" ground cover are strawberries!!! They come ever year...Peonies are just blooming today..Sedum is huge and those white tall flowers well I just don't know what they are... I'll try to get a pic of my other ones....

Love it! Thanks Cheley!

Originally Posted by trvvn5 View Post
I have the blackest thumb on the planet. My local flower shop has banned me from entering the building for fear my mere presence will suck the life from the flowers and leave them destitute and flowerless.
I think I have the same problem, my friend. All of my plants die. Makes me so sad.
But, at least I have friends that can do it. And my Mom is a good gardener too. Here are some photos of her yard a few years ago:

And here's a little garden fairy that my sister gave her last year for Mother's Day. It lights up at night!
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