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Originally Posted by Loopdeloop View Post
Knitted cast on. Slip knot, then knit.

I did watch the video here, and I swear I'm doing it right, but I end up with an open loop in the middle when I push the stitch off and nothing on my right needle. The loop I've pulled through doesn't seem to actually make a stitch. I'm just left with the yarn as unattached as before I threw it. Does that make sense?
Do you have the same problem when you are knitting on your cast on stitches? The process should be exactly the same, except instead of transferring the new stitch from the right to left needle, you will keep it on the right needle, and drop the stitch from the left needle.

step 1: insert right needle through the first stitch on the left needle (left to right; front to back)
Step 2: wrap yarn counter clockwise (bring yarn between needles under the left needle, then wrap it over the top of the right needle)
Step 3: pull the loop through the stitch, and push it back on the needle a bit so you don't lose it.
Step 4: drop the stitch from the left needle. (it will now be underneath the new stitch).
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