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Originally Posted by dicon77 View Post
I absolutely have to differ on this one. This ribbing no doubt has a wrong and right side. The back side of the ribbing looks basically like all purls. The front is beautiful.

If I do what it says in this pattern, I will not have the knit sts of the stockinette stitch on the correct side. It's not just the k1, p1 of the selvage; there's a "purl 9" and "knit 9" to give the stockinette look between the columns of twisted cables.

I'm serious. And it's not the heat.
Yes, but if you follow the rows as given it should work out. The ribbing does have a RS and WS, I thought the OP meant because R 1 of the rib started with a p st, she thought it meant it's a WS row. The rib is done for 3" ending with the RS row 1 of that pattern, then you inc on the WS row which is given in purls, and then it becomes stockinette st between the twisted sts. She didn't put that inc row in her post but it's there in the pattern. Maybe she overlooked it and that's why she's confused about which is the RS and which the WS.
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