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I actually learned to use DPNs before I learned to use circular needles...I wanted to knit this binary scarf pattern that I found and the pattern directed to use DPN' I first tried just making a simple tube swatch to learn using them...boy was that rough!! It felt like I had needles everywhere and a hopelessly tangled knot of yarn wrapped up in those needles! yikes! when I finally got used to that feeling I was sure that all my stitches were gonna drop off the needles...then finishing one row of stitches on one needle and moving onto the next needle?! huh?! then I felt like I'm in completely over my head and berating myself for getting so attached to this scarf I wanted to knit...I was quite sure I had become a masochist or something, because I refused to give up...lo and behold, the old adage proved true: practice makes perfect...I'm actually still working on the scarf (I got bored sick of it for awhile and just had to set it aside for about 3/4 done with it now and will hopefully be done with it soon) so, I can completely sympathize with you about those horrid torture devices - DPN's...
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