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Originally Posted by The.Knitter View Post
Chris: No other man, hubby was with me when we went horsey riding. Thanks, the books will be greatly appreciated! I look forward to getting them.

Gina: I was nervous OF A WOODEN HORSE!!! Oh well, life goes on.

Julie: Take one day at a time! Sometimes that is all you can do!

So I am taking trauma counselling, couples counselling, financial counselling, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and I am feeling a bit better these days! Almost every day is filled with something. It is good to keep me busy. I am not getting a lot of knitting done though. I can't seem to settle down and do it. The only time I settle is with the audio books. Then I listen for a while and fall asleep! Sleep is a precious commodity because I don't get much of it!

All the tests being done on me by the counsellors called me "severely depressed". Is it any wonder with all I've been through? Oh well, life goes on........
1 day at a time is right, and that goes for you too. We're here for you when you need us.
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