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Originally Posted by Puddinpop View Post
I need more people in my city that understand #26. I love, love when a trucker blocks the little run off lane, when I am trying to get on one interstate to another. Thank you people that do this! I mean I didn't sit in a long line to have a knuckle head fly around on the run off lane and jump in front of everyone else. lol
Someone somewhere did a study that shows it is more efficient for traffic to merge like a "zipper" with the two lanes alternating into one lane.

HOWEVER, it seems to me that if those two lanes have already merged several miles back, then, right or wrong, the courteous thing to do is to fall into that line.

On the other hand, I really hate it when I think the merge is after my exit, only to find out it isn't and then have to try to get back into that line that I just zipped past.
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