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Me + math = fail!
So I bought the pattern and yarn for a sweater I've been wanting to make. It's the first pattern I've ever paid for (I'm a cheap-o... actually partner is a cheap-o... so there ya go).

This is also the first time I've done a serious gauge swatch... if I'm gonna knit THAT much yarn, it better fit! My problem is that I'm terrible at math... pattern calls for 20sts over 4 inches. My mind didn't really think to divide 20 by 4, and in skimming over I was thinking I needed 4 stitches to the inch.

Swatched on 7s... no good. Swatched on 8s - perfect!

So I knitted the ribbing all the while thinking "this fabric just seems so holey" (worsted weight yarn btw). Got to the body, trucking along... added second skein... still seemed so loose and holey. knitted about 8 inches from my cast-on edge, still going lightning fast!!!

Took it to my LYS to knit with a friend today... in passing I asked the resident sweater guru if she thought the fabric looked really loose, she agreed, grabbed the pattern and a ruler and pointed out I needed to be getting 5 sts to the inch *sigh*

So I frogged it all and swatched again... I should be using either a 5 or a 6 and knitting a size smaller to actually get guage. I knew I wasn't a tight knitter, but apparently I'm super loose :/

So that's my big fail story... off to crochet something easy until I have the patience to look at that yarn again...

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