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Welcome and don't be shy about chiming in! We sometimes even actually talk about socks!

By the way, my knitting has pretty much disappeared under the pile of other crap I'm working on. I'm knitting vicariously through the rest of you, right? I still need to knit my second sock, but even that is on the back burner until I get things like Teenie's quilt done.

I have, however, finished the first draft of the novel I've been working on since Australia. (it's actually part one of a two part story, but it feels good to have SOMETHING finished!)

I set that aside and immediately got to work on a new typing project: When I got back from Ecuador, my dad was sure that my field journal was something I could just type up and send in to get it published. I've read the thing (obviously. I wrote it), and it's barely readable, let alone publishable... but now, four years later, I'm making an attempt to turn it into something that I can at least print up and give to him as a Christmas gift, if not fulfill dad's original idea and get it published. It's going fast, fortunately. On the other hand, when I get it done, I'm kind of worried that it will be bogged down in technical stuff that will completely lose anyone who is not a biologist.

And that's all besides weddings, birthdays, work, research, and the minor details like eating. And sleeping.
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