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Originally Posted by lelvsdgs View Post
Hi! Christine encouraged me to come and join all of you sock knitters! I have a shawl that is almost off the needles and then its on to SOCKS!!!!

Excited to be starting with all of you...
Hey Lee, nice to see you here! Have a look around and also look at the same thread only #2 instead of #3. That's where all the pictures of our work is.

Had a major meltdown on Saturday night. Frank and I had a huge fight over a small thing (of course), but most embarrassingly enough at my DD's house, then we proceeded to fight for half an hour while I was driving home on the highway, then it carried on the next morning, until I asked to be taken to a walk-in clinic where I truly believed I would be committed. That did not happen. They did however give me tranquilizers to calm me down, stating my GP should have done this without me having to take a meltdown first. He said no one can do this withdrawal cold turkey, alone, with nothing and no support.

Anyways, met a new knitter that lives near me. She seems nice. She used to teach knitting so she is willing to share some tips with me. I am grateful for a new "friend". She also told me about a new drop in knitting group that happens each Monday night, so I shall see if that is nice.
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