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I started knitting when I was about 4, maybe even just 3 (which I think is correct), just after learning how to crochet.
I knit EVERYTHING. Small, that used to be.

Well and then come times when you tire of socks and gloves and doll clothes for dolls I did not play with anymore.

I did not do pullovers after suffering from sleeve trauma (getting bored during the knitting of a pullover twice in the same year and never making sleeves). I never made scarfs, either. But then I realized, that maybe my endurance at the age of 10, when suffering from sleeve trauma, might have changed by my mid thirties
I knit a whole case of baby outfits for my newborn niece. Then I knit a pullover for myself (short sleeves), then a cabled jacked with a little over 1000 cables in it and then a norwegian jacket without sleeves.
I am currently working on a thai style top I found in "The Knitter", made scarfs, hats, and everything. Love knitting toys again as I did when I was a kid, and so on.
My goal is to either produce something incredible or to advance in my knitting. Or preferably: BOTH at the same time.
And I am really trying or learning something new.

So after 30 years of experience and all those fumbly little projects I built up some more patience and endurance. And I am still learning new methods, tricks, patterns, techniques all the time. This site and magazines, other sites, other knitters, youtube... everybody brings me forward a good bit.

I am no expert. I am no master. But I do my share and knitting is the greatest way to come down from stress after work and to make TV less boring.

Now I go home tonight (my day just began) and unravel a half finished project to the very first bit, because I missunderstood what kind of stitch marker was used. Therefore everything is shifted and less nice than it could be. I want it nice.
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