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I LOVE making socks. Well I got over it after almost 100 pairs, but it is twitching in my fingers every once in a while... :D

Try them, they are not hard. you just need a good instruction.

And if you want to make a scarf... I have an uncommon suggestion:

knit it across, not length wise.

make a test piece to find out how many inches you get out of 20 stitches or so. decide on the length of your scarf. A yard and a half would be mandatory, I think. Longer is possible.

do the math.

cast on as many many stitches as you need.

knit in stochinette or garder or even pattern.

do colour changes every few rows, if you like. or just do the outer few rows (first and last rows) and a different color in the middel.

you could even trough in a few big cables at the ends of the rows.

mind it, depending on how long you want your scarf and what yarn you are working with you might cast on around 300 stitches or more or less (so German / Longtail cast on is not so recommendable! too much risk to end up short or give way too much). But you do only about - what - 20 - 30 rows?
Less turning of work, amount of fabric produced is the same... that makes the same amount of stitches as a lengthwise scarf - it just looks very different - I want to make one like that myself, soon. Saw it somewhere and loved it.

Also check out for other accessories and stuff. There were cool hats in the inspiration section there, I remember!

or just knit socks!
(instruction - with video mostly) you can also find on that website I mentioned.

PS: Addtion to the post up there with the brown hat:
I love that roll up edge, too. But sometimes a hat will stop fitting because it will not stopp rolling.
A neat trick I found on a baby girl pattern (the CUTEST sweater) was to knit stochinette for a few rows (just so it does more than one curl in) and then do a ribbing for three or four rows in 2 k 2 p. Then continue the stochinette.
The ribbing will define the edge of the curl and add some stretchy line, sitting a little tighter on the head. I will make myself a nice hat for next winter having just that trim!
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