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Originally Posted by Valpuri View Post
Only if I don't happen to have dpns in correct size. I learned knitting in the round with dpns as a child and find them much faster than ML. With dpns I don't need any stitch markers for e.g. socks, because the stitches can be arranged so that the relevant places are at the places where the needle changes into the next one. My fingers don't get at all tired when knitting with dpns but I struggle with the cable.

this expresses just what I find when watching the magic loop... I haven't actually done it. I might if I need to, but I think it would be hard to not have gaps in there, would't it?
DPN really are ok. Don't fear them! Just do it!

with ML I can not immagine that it will be easy to get an even knitting on all stitches. You are pulling on them a lot, aren't you?
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