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The only thing I had to "change" was the cast on for the back, and I just did a pick up and knit and began the back from there so it was seamless as well.

I know I've been knitting for years but I don't feel like I am at the point where I could say to the designer, "Uh, I found it easier to do it this way." Like Jan said, some people feel better in their zone and perhaps this person was a flat knitter as well. I'm really trying to make this comfortable for my daughter who is like me, picky about fabric textures, and I've done this in an acrylic yarn.

Plus, it's hot, too hot to go work in the garden, I'm stuck at a point in my book where I need to do some serious work, but I can't until some research comes back to me... I really don't have much else to keep my mind keen.
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