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To be honest, Sunday I did not truly believe I would be committed! I was just finally letting off the steam that had been building up for 10 long months due to all that had happened to me. However, having said that, I went to my regular GP last night because I wanted all this on record, and he told DH that he thought I had had a nervous breakdown, after asking such questions (in front of me) as "did she go crazy?" and "was she nuts?" I made the arrangements today to change GPs to my DH's doctor in St. Catharines, who I really get along with well. Perhaps he can help me out of this muddle I am in. I still truly believe it is withdrawal related, and so do people I was visiting Sunday evening, AFTER all the storm blew over. I am NOT crazy, I am NOT nuts and I am not happy with his treatment of me. I have an appointment to see the new doctor next Tuesday at 2:15 and DH's appointment is for the same day at 11:00 a.m. Perhaps now I can get the kind of support I truly need and don't feel I have gotten.

I have to thank you all for standing behind me and supporting me through this horrendous time. It has been more hard than I have let on, but hopefully soon the drugs will be out of my system and I will feel much better in the near future!

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