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Hi friends,
Lots of news here. The biggest: Emmelyn and Amit broke up. She isn't talking to me about it and seems very sad, but in the end, it's good news. Thanks for your prayers and keep them coming. I don't want her going back to him. ALso, pray that she gets a good job offer for teaching. She had three interviews, but knows she didn't get two of the jobs. The third one is in the district we live in.

School is out for the summer. I loved my long-term sub job, but was disappointed that the regular teacher never bothered to say thank you. Oh well. I think she felt threatened by me b/c the kids said I was a better teacher than she was.
My neck has been really flared up and quite painful. Oh well. Despite that, I started sewing some stuff for the house yesterday. I hired someone to make some draperies for the bedroom and I can do better work than she did, so I'll do the rest myself. At least I'll try! I can only work for short spurts before I have to take a break, so it will likely take all summer to get it done. That's okay, though. I'm in no hurry.

Julie, how's the puppy? And the kids? And DH?

Lelvsdgs, welcome! Do you have a name you'd like us to use? Share a little about yourself, if you'd like! I can't knit socks because of hand issues not getting along with little needles, but I stick around because of the people here.

Emily, a novel, huh? Sounds great! Hope you find a publisher!

Rache, good to hear from you! Good luck on the new job! I used to do cross stitch (the really tiny stuff) but gave most of it away when we moved.

Christine, I'm so glad you've found a new doctor. You need someone who will really take care of you and who you trust to look out for your best interests. It sounds like your old doc didn't fit that bill at all!

In knitting news, I finished a chemo cap and need to find a new project that gets my knitting mojo going! I have10 balls of yarn, and would like to make a 3/4 length sleeve sweater, if that's enough yarn. I'm thinking maybe another FLS? But maybe a different lace pattern? I don't know. The color is kind of drab. <sigh> Can you tell I'm not excited about it yet?
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