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Christine - I hope things improve with the new GP.

Gina - It's too bad that Emmelyn was in that kind of situation. I hope she gets the job!
You know, someone should design finer guage needles with big grips. *starts thinking.* Oh, I totally don't need ANOTHER project right now, but I have an idea on how to do straights. How could I modify this for circs? *adds 'special knitting needles' to list of Things to Make and Do.*
As for your yarn - I think that is a lovely color and cotton makes a great sweater. find a pattern you really love and go for it!

As for my novel - it will be a long, long time before I even start looking for a publisher for that. I want Part II written before I do that.
On the other hand, I'm nearly done with the typing on my Ecuador 'travel memoir.' I hate the word memoir, by the way, because the word makes me think of old ladies sitting around telling stories about their boyfriends in WWII, or perhaps people on Safari during the period when the Europeans still occupied most of Africa. Froofy people sitting around drinking tea. That kind of thing. Which can be great stories... just not exactly the same as what I'm writing. Anyway, off that tangent... once I finish, I have a round of editing to do and then I send it to be critiqued by some non-biologists, and IF they like it, I might try to get it published for real instead of just printing up a couple of copies on for me, my dad, and maybe my professor.
That's a big IF, but I'm being cautiously optimistic.
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