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Dang Chris, you must be old or something, lol, jk just lots of wisdom...Christine I ditto what he said

Gina puppy is great, she actually is whining to go outside to potty now, she's so funny. Dh is great, kids are great and life is all around good here. that Em broke up with Amit, I'm sure the story will come out later, continued prayers that she doesn't go back or rebound with another idiot. God always answers prayers, might not be in our time, or what we want but He does answer- you know that.

ok gotta run and take Jacob to get some food and then to his basketball practice...after today only 2 games and 1 practice left, I'll be glad to have my Thurs. and Sats free again, but will miss the chaos I'm sure. Humm, maybe swim lessons for all 3? Am I that crazy yet? maybe not...........
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