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Hey all,

Well done on the belt, Jess!!!

Gina Em will talk about it when she's ready, but I'm glad that she is no longer with him, just let her know you're there if she needs you.

Christine , I won't bother adding more advice, I think Chris has that covered.

So, I gave up on cross stitch again, having finished off chart two. I looked at chart three and just trying to figure out where to start gave me a headache so I decided to leave it for a bit. I picked up a blanket to knit while I watch tennis instead. Its a log cabin I started at the beginning of last year, then ditched for a baby blanket that needed doing more quickly. Since I put this one down I really haven't had the will to go back to it, its such a lot of garter stitch. However, as I sat watching Rafa Nadal on Weds I felt a little cold, and remembered this blanket, that is just big enough to cover my knees while I knit it. Its got warmer now so progress is slowing again. Maybe its time to cast on a new sock.
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