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Jess: Congratulations on passing your orange!

Julie: Thanks for the support, as always!

Chris: Where to I begin to thank you for putting into words something that will probably give you nightmares for a few nights now. At times I am so muddled and befuddled. I did not think about the fact that even though I no longer take those God forsaken pills, they are still coming out of my system and all at once now. For now I have a small dosage of diazepam keeping me level, but I still feel times when my chest feels like someone is sitting on me. When I asked the GP for counselling help, he said "it is not in my area of expertese". I am so glad to be getting rid of him on TUESDAY at 2:15 p.m. However, now my doctor will be one hour away by car. This is my DH's doctor and he is really easy to talk to, and thorough. I quite like the man.

We had couples counselling last night and the counsellor, like Chris, did not seem surprised that this argument had excillated so quickly and fiercly. He also said it was the drugs coming out of my system, and NOT a nervous breakdown. I also had hydrotherapy yesterday and the therapist said "if you had had a real nervous breakdown you would not be here today, you would be home in bed not functioning. The fact that you got up, got dressed, cleaned your house, visited with a minister at your house and made him tea and then came here proves that this is NOT a nervous breakdown. It does however prove that you need some attention in areas of your life, where counselling will probably benefit you". I told her I was taking counselling and she said that was a good thing.

I met a new knitting person recently and she suggested that for a while until I am more calm, I do only mindless knitting. I had a sock OTN, just a plain sock, and I had it past the gusset, so the other day I knit until I was to the toes. Today I will try to knit the toes in and then I will leave the grafting for another time, I'll just put the stitches onto holders for now and start on sock #2, going round and round.

The minister I met yesterday is from a "community" church down the street. It is a non-denominational church. The pastor was really good with me and I quite enjoyed talking with him. When school lets out, he is bringing a group of boys here and they are going to paint my apartment in lighter, brighter colours to help with the depression! I can't wait for that to happen! We are going to church on Sunday for the first time in a very long time! I know it will help me, I hope it helps my husband too. It will give us a sense of community!

The Bible I was given is the one used by this church, so I am once again grateful to my guardian angel for sending that to me! xoxo

The bad news is that when the manager of the trailer park went in to show the trailer to some prospective buyers, the ceiling in the bedroom has gone rotten and is ready to fall in. That means our "insurance policy" money (from selling said trailer) is out the window because we will have to get rid of it instead. We are quite upset about this because we thought we would get about $5,000.00 for the trailer. I am going to check and see if the ceiling in the bedroom is covered by the insurance, but at this point I am not hopeful! Right now I am so broke I can't pay attention.......

And life goes on.........
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