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Hi friends,
Emmelyn has been talking to Amit. Please pray that she truly feels that this is NOT the man for her. He's so manipulative and makes her feel bad about herself. NOT marriage material for MY girl!
So this is really weird: I was at knit night at church and a new lady came. She's from the neighborhood and had an Indian accent. I was telling my friends that E & A broke up and that I was relieved b/c he was so controlling and I just wasn't comfortable with their relationship. To make a long story short, she's GOOD FRIENDS with A's family and met E at their house last weekend!!!! It was a bit awkward! She couldn't believe they broke up and even wondered if A's parents knew about it. If they didn't before, they will now! In the end, we agreed that they were too young to get married. They both have growing up to do, etc.....

Rache and Julie, I'm not pushing E to talk with me. You're right...she'll talk when she's ready. I did, however, give a mutual friend the heads-up about it and she may see E today.

Chris, good insights! Thanks for sharing.

Emily, congrats!

Christine, take each day as it comes. Thanks for sharing your struggles. I know we don't do much to ease your burdens, but at least we can "listen." I'm so glad you're getting support. And you know I'm happy you went to church! Remember that churches are not perfect, and neither are the people in them! But I'm SO glad they're helping you out! I hope insurance covers the trailer issues!
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