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Christine - as always. We're always here for you no matter what!

Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
You have to take a test to be able to have your pants not fall down? I am soooooo confused

Originally Posted by jberry16 View Post
Emily congrats on the orange belt! How many more till you get your black belt?
Ummm... Green is next, then Blue, Purple, Red (one and two stripe reds, but I haven't figured out how that works), red and black, and black. So it will be a while.

Originally Posted by G J View Post
Please pray that she truly feels that this is NOT the man for her. He's so manipulative and makes her feel bad about herself. NOT marriage material for MY girl!
I'll keep praying for her.

I actually have a couple of relationship prayer requests too.
I've got one cousin getting married in a couple of weeks and another with a live-in boyfriend. I don't know either guy well enough to judge, but both of them made me uneasy when I met them and both girls (for different reasons) are ones who I could see getting themselves stuck in bad relationships. Divine supervision may be called for in both cases. Thank God the twins both found good guys.
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