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Originally Posted by hyperactive View Post
you girls are really using the stitch markers as a decorative object, aren't you?
I have German ones that you can hook into the stitch (very practical for row marking) and just messed up a pattern (pulled it out) because they were supposed to be between the stitches, not IN them... Well anyways: I am back to using left over string: loops tied in different colors (cotton that does not leave fuzz!) and just work them off.

So my question is: is there another advantage to "real" stitch markers than just the look? if so, please make me smarter!
I think, like so many other things in knitting, that it's a personal preference. For myself, I would rather be knitting than tying little pieces of yarn into loops all the time...a few minutes and a couple of dollars at Michael's or thrown into my Knitpicks order, and I'm good to go for many projects, with a neat little "case" to keep them all in as well.

But if you didn't mind tying the little loops, I can't think of any reason you'd need "real" ones.

I haven't come to the point of wanting to buy the more expensive, really pretty ones yet, though I did make a set for my daughter for Christmas one year. It's not that hard.
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