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OT: Grape recipes?
I'm growing grapes and it's working this time. This year won't be so bad, I only have two vines producing for the first time. But I decided I could expand the grapes and hopefully get some shade one the south side of my house. In the future I'll have 6 vines producing.

I like grape jelly but jelly and jam recipes give so much that one batch of apple jelly is enough to last me until it goes bad.

I don't like grape wine (plus they're table grapes not wine grapes) but I'm hoping wine made out of table grapes tastes better than wine grapes because I do like a lot of fruit wines. If I like table grape wine problem solved. Juice can use up a lot fruit.

There's grape juice and it should only be about 6 gallons so it shouldn't totally cramp my cider storage although trying to drink 6 gallons of grape juice before October when cider really kicks into gear may give me cramps. Plus it would cut into my beer and coffee intake.

Are there any recipes I'm missing besides fresh eating and what I've mentioned?
I like the grapes in fruit cocktail but I don't recall canned grapes in any of my canning books.
I've heard of frozen grapes but have no idea what they are or what to do with them.
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