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I have 6 concord grape vines and 6 white grape vines.

But I have an army to feed tho so the juice and jelly are used all year long and usually i run out by the time harvest comes around again.

We eat alot of table grapes during harvest as well. Either just grabbing some and eating them...put them in the lunch boxes, fruit coctail.
Harvest time around here is both busy and a treat. And not just for grapes either. I just busted my 6yo down at the cherry tree eating my cherries a week ago.

But you mentioned you dont have a recipie for canning grapes? I can my grapes. But normally the only thing i do with them at that point is fruit coctail during the winter along with peaches, pears, cherries, and any other fruit i can find that ive canned down in the cellar.

You can also dry them and make rasins, i do that too for all year consumption by just eating or use in baking.

If you need a recipie for canning grapes, let me know.

now....if you could tell me what else i could do with Rhubarb other than jelly and pie?

Happy Harvest!!
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