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And there you have it!
For as many knitters as you ask, you will likely find each has there own preference and even variation upon the standards.

Learning other techniques or methods is good simply for expanding your own abilities. One may not know that the favor a different style until they try that style.

I started with continental/German and I learned English/American to do two handed fair isle color work.

In a pinch, I can switch hands if my left hand needs a rest, but I find continental to be more comfortable. I believe it is because I was first a crocheter, so I find my left hand better able to control and provide a consistent tension.

Try new things until you get them technically correct or it becomes too frustrating. Sometimes a different teacher, set of instructions, or a different set of eyes is needed to help you over a stone in your path of learning. Don't count it as a failure if you can't quit get a different technique perfect at first or long, frustrating practice. It just may not be the right time to learn it yet.

Good luck in your expansion of skill, may it be enjoyable in the end.
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