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Hi everyone! I'm new!
I have been knitting on and off most of my life so I pretty much feel comfortable with the basics. What I'm brand spankin' new at is the computer! When I found this site I just knew I had to be a part of it.
Right now I've been making a lot of scarf sets, (matching scarf, cap, and hand huggers). Mostly with med. wt. yarns. Recently I found a pattern in one of my knitting books that I wanted to try. Called "Lace and Fans". At first glance I thought it would be beyond my limited skills, but after reading the instructions more closely I thought....hey I can handle this! Then it was off to Michael's and I found this micro fiber yarn. Very light wt. with a sort of "sheen" to it. As it turned out the yarn and pattern are perfect for each other!
I will say it's going nicely, but I do NOT work on this scarf when I'm tired, or feel I can't give it my full attention. Need to be focused! The yarn is very slippery on the needles,(don't want to drop a stitch), and don't want to get off count.
I am so happy to be here and I think I will find myself attempting more advanced knitting stuff with all this help and support around me!
Besides my knitting I'll try to also improve my computer skills. Can only get better, right?
KH you're fantastic!
Jeanie in TX
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