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Wow. It's quiet on here!
I actually finished a knitting project! It's posted on Ravelry here, if you want to see it!

I miss y'all, but have been very busy making stuff for the house and tutoring and spending time with the family. I posted pictures on Facebook if anyone wants to see!

DD (E) had an interview today on the north side of Houston and there's a great outlet mall there that she likes, so we made a day of it. We had fun, but afterward, I was supposed to drop her off at a Bible study that she and A go to, only he didn't want to drive her home afterwards. He lives all of about 15 min. from our house, but he was too tired. I didn't say much, but my feeling was that the guy is a lazy loser who can't be bothered to go out of his way for someone he "loves". GRRRRR! She tried to make all kinds of arrangements for someone to pick her up, or even for her to drive her own car (an extra hour of driving on HER part), but nothing was going to work, so in the end, he agreed to drive her home. We'll see if he does!
She did get two job offers! One for our local district and another in Pasadena, about an hour from here.

DS just asked us what we thought if he proposed to his girlfriend while we're at my folks' place in WA! Whew!
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