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i have my list made.... i'll start working on them once i finish a few things for myself.

This year i'm not giving handmade gifts to anyone i haven't given birth to. Last year I stressed and ended up overdoing it so that i ended up with that claw type thing going on with my hands, this year i was in a car accident and have a lot going on in addition to being unable to sit or stand for any length of time and i can't knit while laying down (injured my back, still dealing with testing to see just how bad the damage is) so only my 2 youngest are getting anything handmade.

i have an afghan for my oldest almost done (crocheted, and almost done because i'm almost out of yarn and it's been discontinued... but he wants a lapghan so it's all good) and then i have the colors for my youngest.

if i get them done in time then i'll probably work on sweaters for them.

more socks.... pics of past projects up at my blog.

my knitting blog
HeathenWytch on Ravelry
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