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Christine, sorry the drugs aren't working out. There are loads of other treatments out there though. Might be worth researching for yourself if the doctor is unhelpful, then you can ask for a referral.

Hey all,

I've finished the TA course, all passed, just need to hand in my folder. I had to do a presentation on Tuesday, the feedback was really positive, she said I looked confident and like I was enjoying it - that is not something that I am told a lot, usually when I'm standing in front of a group of people I am told that I look/sound nervous. It was nice to hear.

I have also been sent a load of work to do before I start my teaching course, it involves reading lots of Harry Potter, Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket so I can mix that up with the more boring bits and maybe manage to get through it all. I'm off stationery shopping today to stock up on things.

My blanket is progressing slowly, since there was no tennis to watch this week and watching England play football (soccer) is akin to watching paint dry so I usually watch something else. I can't knit through Grey's Anatomy.

Anyway, I'm gonna go get ready to go out.

Have a lovely weekend!
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