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Originally Posted by jess_hawk View Post
So, this weekend.
My brother's 21st birthday was Wednesday.
My dad's 50th was today (complete with massive surprise party... AND he was actually surprised)
My brother's triathlon tomorrow morning (You want me to get up at WHAT time? Good luck, bro... tell me how it went when you get home).
My cousin's wedding tomorrow afternoon.
Possible post-cousin's-reception family party (because my cousin's family is kind of strange and anti-social).
Father's day Sunday, with lunch hopefully cooked by my dad (on Mother's day, dad cooks. On Father's day, dad cooks... there seems to be a pattern here).
My oldest (in terms of length-of-friendship, not age) friend (Brenna) is coming to visit Sunday afternoon and staying until Monday.

why is it that EVERYTHING happens at the same time? lol. At least it's all good this time.

Sunday is going to be fun. I haven't seen Brenna in about a year, and we're going to be breaking out the world atlas to pare down what my cousin calls 'the bucket list of countries' to something doable in six months to a year. I mentioned thinking about an around-the-world trip after my PhD, and, although I have many friends with whom I would love to travel, Brenna is the only one who I could really see dropping everything to go do it. Really, Sunday's mapping activity is just fun for two girls with wanderlust (and currently bored stiff with everyday life), but I think both of us are hoping that it will evolve into a real trip.

QOTD: If you had unlimited money and time, what are the top five places on earth that you would like to visit?

Mine: (Currently, at least. The top three have been there since I was about eight, Madagascar has been a top-ten for just as long, and Angkor Wat is a fairly new one)
1. Antarctica
2. Ireland
3. Nepal or Tibet - somewhere in the Himalaya
4. Madagascar
5. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
Your post made me tired. Hope you enjoy your event filled weekend.
As for the QOTD my answers would be.....
1. Ireland
2. Germany
3. Scotland
4. England
5. Australia

Mainly I just wanna see Ireland, someday. But I'd love to go to Germany too. I think it's important to see the countries my great great grandparents came from..

Christine, hugs! I dont have any other info for you that wasn't already given or suggestions. sorry.

Gina I hope DD stays away from A. Maybe she's feeling like she needs to be with someone because of DS being so close to his GF? Maybe she doesn't realize this and it's in the back of her mind, just a thought. My deacon once told me that you have to kiss many frogs before you find your prince.
the hair hat is funny & I love your sewing projects, very pretty (elegant) material. Nice job!
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