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New Zealand, Australia, Greece, England, Scotland or Ireland (okay, let's just make a trip of the UK!), Somewhere in Asia, not sure where....

I've been to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Israel, Canada (both coasts, not the middle), and Mexico.
So let's add to the QOTD: Where have you already traveled? When, where, why?
Right after i graduated high school, my family went to Europe. My mom's sister was living in the Netherlands and my oldest sister was studying in Germany. We rented an uncle's RV and drove through Europe for two weeks. About 10 years ago, we were given a trip to Israel with Ray Vander Laan, who does the videos, "That the World May Know." Awesome trip! Made the Bible come alive! Canada: Honeymooned in Victoria, Anniversary trip to Toronto, Niagra Falls, etc., Mexico, Tijuana in High school and a little town not far from Brownsville, TX a couple of times with the inlaws during spring break.

Emily, your weekend sounds busy, but fun! Enjoy every minute!

Rache, YAY on finishing the class well! Can you be a TA now or do you have to finish more classes?

Christine, Unless your hospital has a really good psych ward for depression, don't check in unless you are suicidal. Most US hospitals have psych wards, but they treat mostly substance abuse and aren't equipped for depression. The meds you were on are probably NOT out of your system yet. They get in your muscles, which is one reason exercise will help you and I'm SO glad you went to your aquatics class. Glad you liked the link. The stuff at the bottom is really good.

Julie, I wish they would stay apart, but they're together every day. Yesterday, they made dinner for his family. It was something E knew she wouldn't like, but A liked it, so she made it. WHY!?! She'd be mad if I made it at home!
I like the fabric I used for the decor stuff, too. I got it for more than 75% off and have a lot of extra. I'm going to make a cornice box next week. I've never done that before, so we'll see how it goes! Nick (DS) is going to help.
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