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Gina's QOTD, where have we been and why?
I'll start with the states first; most of these were camping trips.
Texas, OK, KS, NE, SD, WY, NV, CA, CO, AZ, NM (duh), (honeymoon in Branson,) Missouri, (rest of honeymoon @ drag strip in) Illinois/Indiana We were in both states (I think) because the dragstrip is very close to the border of one of them, if I'm wrong I'll come back on here and correct myself. & then I flew into SC with a layover in GA (if that counts, since I only saw the airport).
Never been to Mexico, never wanted to go; seen it, just never crossed the border.
Flew to Toronto, for World Youth Day in 2002? to see Pope John Paul II, very incredible & very moving.

Guess that's it.

Gina, that sucks; she's trying to please him because she doesn't want to be alone, she likes being engaged. (that's my thought anyway)
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