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Christine - I hope you figure something out!

Gina - still saying prayers for your DD!

Originally Posted by G J View Post
So let's add to the QOTD: Where have you already traveled? When, where, why?
With my family I've been to about 39 states - we've been traveling the country since I was two. On my own, I've done Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. (I've never been to Hawaii, Oregon, Arkansas, or Connecicut)
The family has also been to Quebec and Ontario.
When I was thirteen I spent two weeks in Japan with Sister Cities, which has an exchange program between the middle schools.
In 2006, three weeks in Ecuador for a tropical biology course.
In 2008, semester in Australia (with a stop at the airport at New Zealand. New Zealand and Washington are my 'Blue Spots' - places where I've only been to the airports. I have a world map where I stick pins in all of the places I've been, and I use blue pins for 'airport only' (red is for 'residence,' green for school trips, yellow for travel on my own/with friends, and white for family)
In 2009, Jamaica and Grand Cayman, cruise with the cousins.

Stories told at Dad's party: Dad and Dan bought my younger cousins (including the 17-yr-old) and my brother margaritas in Jamaica... at 8 am... before they went to do a four-wheeler excursion. Following this was a story about how, in college, dad and his best friends went out four-wheeling through a certain area of our hometown after closing down the bars one night... and wound up flipping a vehicle.

There's a reason my mom tells Dad and his best friend (who kind of scared me as a kid but now I know how awesome he is: he went ice climbing in Nepal last year) that they can't hang out if they're going to tell college stories in front of their kids.
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