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decreasing on v necks circular knitting ones
Hi can someone please help me.
I like to now knit my v necks in the round on a circular needle. The only thing is I can not work out how to decrease either side of the stitch which is straight in the middle. I want my work to look really good and do not want to spoil in on the part that really shows. The other one I knit came out a bit dodgy.
I am doing a K1 P1 rib round the neck line and have sew up the garment ready to do this. I have picked up the stitches all round with the circular needle and have worked K1 P1 up to a few stitches before the centre straight middle stitch which was on a pin.
How all this makes sense!

Look forward to any replies. By the way I am new to knitting help .com so hope this works.


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