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Originally Posted by Jannette View Post
I love your hound! What kind is she. I have a Basset and do basset rescue but love all hounds. It seems like either you love them or you don't like them at all.
The hound in my signature is Blue. He is a Treeing Walker Coonhound. We also have a girl. Her name is Dani. Together they keep our 20 acres on Nighthawk Summit pretty safe from bears and cougars in camp! They are relentless! Unfortunately for my husband, who hunts for his one deer in October, they also keep the deer on the run as well! We don't bring them up in Sept or Oct AT ALL anymore!

Dani on left, Blue on the right.

Dani is the best 'spotter'!

C'mon...ya can't sleep all day! Hey! Wake up Sleepy Head!
(Dani at 6 wks old, "Aunt Katie" on watch!)

"Spotting" a chipmunk in the wood pile. Why bother?

Ready to drop down over the hill on a 'hunting expedition'!

One last gooood look before sunset.

Even Charlie, the Saint Bernard, gives the cliff a 'once over'.
Those two dang hounds MUST be seeing SOMETHING! What's all the commotion?

Left? Right? I don't see it!

Oh, it's you! Why didn't ya say so?
All that trouble for nothin'! Where's my easy chair?

Uh oh, Blue has it! Sunning himself in the late afternoon light!
BTW guys, this is MOMMA'S afternoon knitting chair! Scram!

Hackles up!! Something down there FOR SURE this time, guys!

This is not a false alarm! C'mon guys! Let's go!

Nah, I'd rather 'lurk' and wait for that Shih Tzu to look away from her
knuckle bone! I'm needin' it bad!

Patience is the key. She can't chew on it forever.

Back at home...late night knitting companions! If you own a dog, you never knit alone!

Like I said...never alone. Move over guys! Katie moves in on the action.

If you get desperate enough, you'll teach ANYONE to knit!
Dani the hound, as a youngster, and Katie the faithful Shih Tzu!

Yarn bags make a darn good Shih Tzu bed!

A man, 3 dogs, and a can of sardines. What a buncha beggars.
When you have dogs, you never eat alone either.

Blue and John.

Charlie, Katie and me. Potty break for Katie! Brrr.

Charlie (it rained!)

Katie (has to be tied up on the mountain, to protect her from the coyotes that lurk)

Dani and Blue!

Time for a glass of wine and a campfire.
Like I said, when you have dogs, you never drink alone either!
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